Recent studies found a high percentage of COVID-19 patients develop cardiac related complications that can be detected early on with ECG tests. Most patients have no symptoms (read more here). 

What studies found so far:


1. QRS and QTc intervals are early markers for COVID-19 disease progression and mortality. ECG, a readily accessible tool, identifies cardiac involvement and may be used to predict disease course. Lancet, read more here (link).

2. Repolarization abnormalities represented the most common findings (40%), with negative T waves representing 21% of all abnormalities. Read the study here (link).

3. In the largest cohort of COVID-19 patients with complete ECG data on presentation, ..., QTc >500 ms is an independent risk factor for in-hospital mortality. Read the study here (link).

4. This systematic review suggests that identifying ECG patterns that might be related to COVID-19 is vital. Read the study here (link).

ECG testing is rather a standard daily work for the many cardiologists in our healthcare systems. But the recent findings suggest perhaps a wider ECG testing would benefit patients, especially those with high blood pressure or other pre-existing conditions.

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