New significant revenue opportunity for medical practices and their affiliates

Do you work with or provide services to primary care providers such as family medicine doctors or specialists including cardiologists, diabetes specialists or weight loss clinics? Let them know that there is a new way to provide care that benefits their patients and their business. Plus, if you join our affiliate program, you can be rewarded along with them.

Remote patient monitoring with Lara Health
per patient/year
Easy patient enrollment and workflow
Billing support
faster payout
No upfront cost programs available
Remote patient monitoring adds significant revenue

New remote patient monitoring reimbursements were introduced in 2019 yet today, 9 out of 10 practices still don’t have a RPM program, leaving significant revenue potential on the table.

Lara Health remote patient monitoring platform creates a brand new payment stream for medical practices, with the potential to boost existing revenue by 50% without additional work for the doctor.

The most efficient way to increase medical practice revenue while sharing in their benefits
Why you should work with Lara Health

The pandemic prevented medical practices from seeing patients, reducing their annual revenue at unprecedented rate. Lara Health remote patient monitoring platform has been designed to maximize practice’s revenue in a way that’s easy to implement and that doesn’t require additional doctor’s time. Help your clients improve their revenue while creating loyalty and value to your own business.

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Our clients benefit from:
No upfront fees for doctors
Fast, zero delay reimbursement support
Patient monitoring devices for all tech level users
White glove service available


What medical practices are most likely to benefit from RPM?

Primary care providers such as family medicine, geriatrics and internal medicine practices as well as specialists including cardiologists, nephrologists, diabetes specialists and weight loss clinics.

Is RPM to replace in office visits?

No. Remote patient monitoring is not meant to replace in person visits. It offers a complementary care model with new, additional revenue stream to the medical practice and better care for the patient.

Does the doctor need to work more hours with RPM?

No. Clinical staff can run RPM programs, with very little time required by the doctor.

Does RPM benefit the patients too?

Yes! RPM offers continuous care that can lead to faster detection and reaction of developing problems.

What’s the catch?

None. RPM can be highly beneficial to both medical practices and their patients. And if you would like to make an introduction to those you have relationships with, we would be delighted to reward you for it.