The remote patient monitoring platform built to maximize physicians’ revenue

Unlock additional $2,000 per patient each year. Designed by reimbursement specialists, our platform guides your staff towards the highest reimbursements from day 1

Our customers qualify for more reimbursements, faster
Add $500,000 per physician
in new revenue

That's on top of your usually office based visits
No physician’s time required
Our programs can be managed by your clinical staff
Keep 100% of your reimbursements
Zero start-up cost, no hidden fees
Profitable day 1
Qualify for more reimbursements and submit claims faster
Why our clients prefer Lara Health

"Moving our RPM program to Lara Health means I’m saving hours of my time each day. The admin work we had to do before is all automated with Lara Health. We really like Lara Health compared to our old solution."

Primary care physician, Highland, IN
Added $524,000 in 2020 with RPM

"Lara Health is the most provider friendly platform for RPM. We love the tremendous reporting capabilities that give us great patient insights. We love working with this responsive quality team at Lara."

Primary care provider, Phoenix, AZ
Added $318,000 in 2020 with RPM

"No medical practice can afford to miss the significant revenue opportunities of remote patient monitoring that Medicare and other payers have placed before them. Lara Health has built a platform to simplify RPM reimbursements in a way a medical practice of any size can implement a highly profitable RPM program."

David Zetter, Zetter Healthcare
President, National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants

Lara Health platform enables practices to implement new care models like remote patient monitoring without the heavy lifting. Our advanced platform keeps your staff working efficiently and patients engaged. The benefits are simple: you keep in control of your patients’ health AND your revenue.
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How it works
Lara Health makes it easy and fast to start your RPM. Our clients receive unlimited support to make their care programs successful.
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Identify patients for enrollment
We help your staff identify eligible patients and train them on the best on boarding practices.
Patients get a health monitoring device
We have the right device for each patient (BP monitors, glucose meters, pulse oximeters, scales and more), even for those patients without a smartphone.
Patients measure their vitals at home and your staff charts
Our software does all the work, from flagging patients with out of range measurements, setting reminders for your patients to tracking your reimbursement eligibility.
You get paid. More and faster
Unlike other solutions, we track revenue eligibility automatically and in real-time. Our multi care module works with more CPT codes so you can get paid more in reimbursements, and faster.
Lara Health patient device monitoring RPM remote monitoring
Remote patient monitoring offers the most efficient way to add new revenue
The average practice can add $500,000 per physician with no extra work for the doctor.
One time per patient
CPT 99453
Device setup and education on use
MONTHLY per patient
CPT 99454
Remote monitoring of patient's vitals
CPT 99457
Initial 20 minutes of care
CPT 99458
Each additional 20 minutes of care

Lara Health’s advanced billing engine ensures you always bill the correct, most profitable CPT codes automatically. Our multi care program support also means you have more CPT codes to qualify for so no work goes unpaid.

Lara Health remote patient monitoring reimbursements revenue calculator CPT codes billing
The average practice can add $500,000 per physician a year
with no extra work for the doctor

Use our revenue calculator to see how much your practice can be adding
in RPM reimbursements
Why choose Lara Health
Best in class knowledge and expertise in remote patient monitoring
Large selection of monitoring devices, including for patients without smartphones
Smart workflow automation that reduces admin work
Advanced billing engine for higher, faster pay-outs
Unparalleled support to ensure your program is successful
Secure encrypted system with highest data privacy
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What is remote patient monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring allows care teams to track their patients' vitals in real time. Patients use connected health devices like blood pressure monitors or glucose meters that can transfer their vitals to their care team’s portal.

Which type of a medical practice is suitable for RPM?

Primary care providers, internal medicine doctors, geriatrics, cardiologists, nephrologists, weight loss and diabetes specialists and many more.

Do I need to hire additional staff to do RPM?

It really depends on the practice. Many of our clients have implemented a successful RPM program overseen by their existing teams and others decided to expand and hire additional staff to growth their RPM revenue. The choice is yours.

Is there a lot of training needed to run Lara Health’s RPM program?

No! Lara Health has been built with smaller, busy practices in mind. We can usually train your staff in 30 minutes as the platform is very intuitive.

What support does Lara Health offer to my staff and patients?

We offer ongoing, unlimited support and training.

Is there any upfront cost?

Some of the patient devices are included in the monthly cost and some available for an upfront purchase, as it lowers the overall cost of the program. We can help you decide which option is right for you.

Does Lara Health take a % of my collection?

Absolutely not! You keep all reimbursements.

How quickly do Lara Health’s customers become profitable?

Within your first month, as long as you follow our program recommendations

With Lara Health you work less and achieve more

The average practitioner can add between $250,000 and $750,000 a
year in new reimbursements with remote patient monitoring

See how much your practice can be earning

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How remote patient monitoring works
Patients use connected health devices
Patients measure their vitals from the comfort of their home, using devices that automatically share the readings with their care team.
Care teams use Lara Health dashboard
The platform syncs and analyzes patients' health data, flags patients who need attention and automatically tracks claim eligibility.
More gets done with Lara Health software
Lara Health automates admin work and billing, creating more time for patient care and more revenue for your practice.