Smart virtual care platform for clinicians who want to earn more without working more

Lara Health expands your clinic beyond four walls with remote patient monitoring and automates routine tasks so you can work smarter, not harder, to unlock new revenue

Don’t let your revenue be limited by the hours in a day
Get done more in less time
Automate routine or complex work, free up time for your patients
Improve your revenues
Add $200 per patient per month to your monthly revenues
Meet patients’ needs
Improve patient satisfaction and access to care
Provide better care
Simplify transition to a value-based care model
Lara Health virtual care platform works harder so you don't have to
Get reimbursed more with Lara Health
With us you qualify for more codes and reimbursement from more payers. Collect at the highest level every month.
Work smarter, not harder
We automate your routine work so your clinical team can spend more time with patients and less time on non-reimbursable, repetitive tasks.
Profitable month ONE
Keep 100% of your reimbursements, reduce expenses and boost profits. Ready to start in minutes, not months.
No patient left behind
All-in-one platform includes remote patient monitoring, patient engagement, text-based check-ins, video visits and more.
Secure and HIPAA compliant
End-to-end encryption ensures security and privacy of all data, stored in the US.
With Lara Health you work less and achieve more

The average practitioner can add between $250,000 and $750,000 a
year in new reimbursements with remote patient monitoring

See how much your practice can be earning

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How Lara Health works
Patients use connected health devices and their smartphone
Patients measure their vital from the comfort and safety of their home and swap waiting rooms for virtual care.
Care teams use Lara Health dashboard to provide care
The platform syncs and analyzes patient health data, flags patients who need attention and simplifies billing.
More gets done with Lara Health software
Lara Health automates admin work to avoid mistakes, create more time for patient care and maximize revenue.