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Lara Health’s software passively captures patient care, routinely done by clinical staff in-between visits, and turn it into new significant revenue for the medical practice.
Lara Health has tripled the reimbursements we usually achieve, by simply tracking and billing for the work we already do.
Internal medicine practice, AZ
The average revenue a medical practice added with Lara
Health in 2022
Before switching to Lara Health, we used multiple software vendors, which made our work harder and less profitable. We love Lara Health.
Home healthcare, IN
70% of revenue
comes from routine patient care already provided but traditionally unpaid
I was recently hired to turn around a non profitable medical practice. Lara Health was my first call. Their platform is easy to implement but so powerful for creating new revenue.
Primary care provider, AZ (a repeat client)
$1,475 a year
The average revenue each patient adds to practices with multiple programs
“With Lara Health, we added $100,000 in extra payments. Zero extra work for our providers and we kept 100% of those reimbursements!”
Lara Health allowed us to implement a specialty care program that made a real difference. To be able to bring in new reimbursements and keep them all is rare and much appreciated. Thank you Lara Health!
Primary care provider, WV
Lara health doctor patient care in medical practice
Most of our patients are benefiting from multiple programs. Lara Health makes everything easy, even for our newly hired junior staff.
Primary care provider, IN
These are repeatable results across multiple specialties. Ask us for more information or speak with our clients.
98.8% client retention rate
We deliver a true value, so our clients stay
We love Lara Health platform. Their team keeps adding features frequently and we really use them because they keep earning us more revenue we would miss otherwise.
Geriatrics practice, PA
53% more in revenue
Compared to a single program solution
The customer support has been excellent. With the frequent staff changes we have this was important to us and we are very happy.
Primary care provider, FL
Lara Health chronic care management care module, older woman measuring blood pressure
The way Lara Health integrates into our EHR is amazing. To be able to work in our EHR yet to have an easy access to those unique features Lara Health offers has been invaluable.
Primary care provider, NY
Most medical practices don't have an easy way to add new revenue without a lot of extra work. Lara Health makes that possible.
10x better patient health outcomes
With Lara Health, medical practices don’t need to change the way they work. They just capture more reimbursement opportunities while offering better patient care.
Martina Janeckova, CEO of Lara Health
54% patients are highly engaged