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70% of the routine work done by clinical staff goes unpaid. Not with Lara Health. Estimate how much in new revenue you can add with us.

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Our platform passively tracks patient care provided in-between visits and automatically turns such routine work into new, additional revenue. See how other practices benefit from Lara Health.

Lara Health has tripled the reimbursements we usually achieve, by simply tracking and billing for the work we already do.
Internal medicine practice, AZ
The average revenue a medical practice added with Lara Health
in 2022
I was recently hired to turnaround a non profitable medical practice. Lara Health was my first call. Their platform is easy to implement but so powerful for creating new revenue.
Primary care provider, AZ (a repeat client)
$1,475 a year
The average revenue
each patient adds to a practice with multiple programs

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