Are you looking to quickly add tools that would allow you to care and communicate with your patients remotely? Here is a list of non face-to-face ways to continue caring for your patients during COVID-19 lock-down and beyond: 

  1. video check-ins
  2. phone call follow ups
  3. telehealth group sessions
  4. remote patient monitoring
  5. web-hosted FAQ section

Video check-ins

Reaching out to your patients via a video chat has become the new normal during COVID-19 pandemic but you should assume patients will expect video consultations beyond the pandemic as it improves their access to care and simply offers a more efficient way for them to get a treatment. Take advantage of relaxed rules for video sessions and the opportunity to bill your standard in-person rates. A video check-in is a great way to connect with many of your patients and it’s easy to channel patients with the pink eyes and rashes to video calls.

During COVID-19, video check-ins are reimbursable at your in-office rates.

Phone call follow-ups

An audio consultation is a great way to check in with patients who don’t necessarily need a face-to-face appointment or a video consult. Consider scheduling a call follow-up instead of an office appointment for patients who you saw recently or where a dialog rather than visual exam is necessary. Patients such as those where a medical compliance needs to be discussed or those with a treatment plan due for revision are all great candidates for a simple phone call. 

Phone calls are reimbursable under various CPT codes. Check out our other posts to see how to bill for phone appointments.

Telehealth group session

Maximize efficiency and budle patients into groups for a single topic virtual session. Running a webinar or a video session is the most efficient way to reach your patients with a common problem or health condition. Telehealth sessions are the perfect way to give that extra care and build loyalty amongst your patient population. Telehealth group sessions lend themselves nicely for education purposes such as lifestyle coaching to patients living with diabetes or hypertension or advice to new mothers.

Telehealth groups sessions are super efficient, especially for medical practices low on resources as they can be run by your clinical staff.


Remote patient monitoring

If your medical practice hasn’t implemented remote patient monitoring yet, you are losing on significant revenue as well as a key tool to better assess your patients with chronic conditions. For many patients, especially those over 65 and on Medicare, a video chat is not enough. This is where access to their vitals such as blood pressure, blood glucose and weight in real-time and frequently allows you to care for them better.

Remote patient monitoring unlocks access to new reimbursements that can close your revenue gap due to COVID-19 and boost your profitability long term.

Web-hosted FAQ section

Services such as Amazon Prime and Uber offer an on demand solution we all got accustomed to. Most patients today search for answers online before seeking a doctor's opinion. Offer answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on your own website and ensure your medical practice stays top of their mind when seeking medical help. 

It is not too late to implement remote patient monitoring. Lara Health offers an all-in-one solution to care for your patients virtually, that is easy to implement, and run. Look after your patients better and keep all your reimbursements with Lara Health.