Managing a private medical practice during COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a challenging task for many practitioners, small or large. Although many doctors and qualified healthcare professionals prefer to stay independent in order to keep autonomy over clinical decisions they make, many find the commercial side of running a private practice demanding. It is not surprising that over the past few decades we have seen the number of private practices decreasing as doctors join bigger groups or sell to healthcare systems. However, today, about a half of primary care providers still practice independently, wondering if there are more efficient ways to run their office while providing better care to their patients.

Most primary care physicians lost between 30-50% of revenue to COVID-19

There are a few tools that will not only benefit your practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that will be a beneficial investment long term and after social distancing is eased. Ensure you are equipped with services that will boost your revenues and lower the risk of losing your patients.

Implement remote patient monitoring (RPM)

If you haven’t done so already, implementing a remote patient monitoring solution is an absolute must for any physician with patients living with diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD and other chronic diseases. Remote patient monitoring allows your patients to monitor their health from the comfort and safety of their home and share their data with you and your clinical team automatically. 

Remote patient monitoring is a great way to make up the revenue gap due to its ongoing long term reimbursement potential.

Implement a virtual care solution

Virtual care offers more than just a safe way to communicate with your patients during a lock-down. Patients are working adults who might not be able to take time away from their desk, they might be parents with lack of childcare to come to an appointment or elderly people with difficulties to secure transportation. Being able to meet your patients wherever they are and it is an easy and convenient way for your staff to provide care, especially during after hours. 

Virtual visits are reimbursable during the pandemic at the rate of an in-person visit and should allow you to boost your revenues quickly.

Build a website

Do you have a way to reach your patients with updates and news? Is it easy for them to know if and when your practice is open? If your patients don;t know how to connect with you during a lock-down they are likely to switch to another provider, forced to seek a care service from a direct-to-consumer service such as Teladoc, make a trip to the ER or forgo a necessary care treatment altogether. 

Having a simple website that is kept up to date will go a long way and boost your patients’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Start a newsletter

If you collect patient’s email and their permission to contact them electronically then starting a newsletter to share relevant information on your services as well as the general state of the pandemic or advice on self-care is a great way to engage with your patients during these challenging times. It has been shown that patients trust their doctor more than the general media so providing help and support via a newsletter should be much appreciated.

Boost patient loyalty with thoughtful newsletters that provide relevant information and offer self-care help.

Provide clear instructions and rules for in-person visits

If you are offering in-person visits you should clearly state the procedures your medical practice implemented to keep your patients and staff safe. Do you have reduced hours? Do you require your staff and patients to wear masks? How about hand sanitizers? Patients in need of care will appreciate that you are well prepared during COVID-19 and that you have adopted quickly to continue your care services. Display clearly guidelines outside and inside your practice for everyone to see.

No time to prepare COVID-10 materials? Download our library of posters and print-outs here.

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