Patient compliance is an important indicator of the quality of remote patient monitoring programs and is often linked to patient’s health outcomes. Lara Health has recently conducted a study of a single clinic with 170 patients enrolled in the hypertension RPM program. The study has shown significant improvement in blood pressure management amongst the patient population, with the average systolic blood pressure dropping 25.6mmHg within 150 days of patient enrollment. For comparison, the three largest meta-data studies on controlling hypertension using traditional BP monitors resulted in an average decrease of 2.5mmHg in systolic blood pressure.

Lara Health remote patient monitoring program delivered 10x results in lowering high blood pressure compared to traditional home self-monitoring. 

Patient compliance in this cohort also yielded impressive results, with 97.7% of patients active in the programs 90 days from the enrollment date and 96% of those patients still active after 150 days following their enrollment.

97.7% of enrolled patients were compliant and active 90 days into the RPM program. 

These findings suggest Lara Health remote patient monitoring program can deliver a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure with a high measuring patient compliance. To access the full study paper, go here.