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The five most important telehealth and remote care reimbursement related updates CMS released for 2022

On November 3, 2021 the CMS published the Physician Fee Schedule for 2022. We have summarized the most impactful changes and highlighted new reimbursement opportunities for practices interested in remote care services.


10 things to know about chronic care management

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a non face-to-face care program designed to manage Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions within the primary care setting. Learn how to create a CCM program and make it beneficial to your patients as well as your medical practice.


Medicare plans and coverage explained: mastering the ABCs of Medicare

Medicare is complicated but understanding how each Medicare part works and what services are included with and without copays, is important. Help your patients navigate Medicare benefits by learning the basics here.


Why patients with the right Medicare coverage are important to your medical practice

Choosing the right Medicare coverage is not just beneficial to the patient, it’s also crucial to the success of any independent medical practice that accepts Medicare. Here is why.


Remote patient monitoring drives improved patient health outcomes

Remote patient monitoring has shown attractive financial benefits to medical practices but recent studies demonstrate that this new care model also benefits patients who are improving their health as a result.